AGA Homeschool Gym & Fitness

Classes Specifically Designed For The Homeschool Student!

This is a 65-minute group class offered during the day that combines general fitness and gymnastics. It is designed to get your child moving in a fun group environment while increasing endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and spatial awareness.

AGA Homeschool Gym & PE

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📞 Enroll Now!: Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity for your child to discover the joy of gymnastics and fitness training in a welcoming community atmosphere. Visit the AGA Parent Portal or call 303-843-0711 to sign up and unleash your child’s potential today!

If our existing schedules do not work for you, and you have a group of 4 or more, please contact us and we can work with you regarding private group rates, days, and times!

Homeschool Beginner and Intermediate Gymnastics & Fitness

Upon starting the class, the child is learning gymnastics fundamentals and proper skill progression working towards the following skills:

  • On the floor: backward & forward rolls, handstand, bridges, Cartwheel,
  • On the bars:  assisted pullover, back hip circles, glide swings, upper body and grip strength
  • On the beam: proper posture, balance, confidence, and learning beam terminology.AGA Homeschool Gym & Fitness
  • On the vault: agility, hurdling and proper use of springboard for vaulting
  • On the trampoline:  Air awareness, trampoline safety, position jumps, combination jumps and assisted flips
  • We will also introduce the child to:
    • Basic overall body flexibility and strength/conditioning
    • Cardio based exercises
    • Other sports based gross motor skill and coordination activities.

After mastering the fundamental gymnastics skills taught at the Beginner level. Your child will expand upon the basics and apply them to more challenging gymnastics skills such as roundoffs, backhandsprings, leaps and turns on beam, flips and tricks on trampoline, and much, much more!  Your child will experience a fast-paced environment with learning to combine and connect skills, while focusing on form and strength.