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You can sign your child up for a trial class through your account in the parent portal, or call our front office at (303) 843-0711 for assistance!

You do not need to wait! Because we work on a monthly schedule, and not a "session" based schedule, we can start your child at any time pending availability!

Every gym has specific requirements for entering certain levels. If your child has some previous gymnastics training, please contact our front office to set up an evaluation with one of our staff. After the evaluation, we will have a better idea of which classes would best suit your child.

Absolutely! A large portion of our membership is in our general Preschool and Recreational programs. However, for those children that want the additional challenges of a competitive program, we offer training that can fit their needs as well.

All drop requests must come through the parent portal. AGA does not accept verbal, emailed, or called in drops

For rec/preschool, we are monthly; however certain dates and requirements apply to drop by the end of any given month without financial penalty. Please view the policies in your parent portal account for additional info.

Pricing for all recreational and preschool classes are listed in the policy documents in your parent portal account.

Team prices are governed by the annual team agreement and provided to team families separately.


It is significantly important to be on-time to pick up your child from class. AGA requests that you are in the building no less than 5 minutes prior to your child’s class ending. However, we understand that emergency situations arise and request that if you are going to be late picking up your child that you please call the AGA front office at (303) 843-0711 as soon as possible. Please note that per policy habitual offenders may be subject to additional fees.

No. We do not allow children to leave the facility at any time until picked up by a parent/guardian – therefore you MUST come inside to pick them up. Simply driving up outside and waiting for them to come out to the car is not sufficient. In addition, please do not park on the street in front of our facility as it is a Fire Lane, and you will risk getting ticketed for parking there.


AGA encourages you to be a spectator during your child’s class and stay for as much of the practice as you desire! But please: Be sure that any other children who are with you behave properly and do not interrupt our training classes. Bouncing balls, Frisbees, footballs, Soccer Balls, and any other similar toys are not to be played with in our reception area.

Food is permitted in the spectator stands, but please, please, please pick up after yourselves in the spectator area. Garbage receptacles are located throughout the spectator area for your convenience.

For the safety of our athletes and instructors, Spectators are not permitted on the gym floor at any time unless otherwise posted in the gym. It is very important that parents not attempt to interact with their child while they are in the class as doing so can put the athlete at an increased risk of injury. Please do not attempt to coach them, discipline them, or engage them in any fashion while they are with their instructor on the gymnasium floor. If you need to speak with your child, or pull them out of class early, please do so by asking one of our office staff to bring your child to you.


Please check the AGA closure calendar for your child's program posted under the "news" section of your parent portal account.

AGA is independent of any of the local school districts (Douglas or Arapahoe Counties) closure schedules and may not close just because the public schools do (i.e. Spring Break, certain Federal Holidays, etc.)

A lost and found is in the front of the gym reception area. This lost and found will be cleaned out weekly if not more. If your child has forgotten an item at the gym, please insure you check with the front desk as soon as possible. AGA is not responsible for items placed into the lost and found or left in the gym. If you left something of significant personal or monetary value, please call us immediately so we can look to see if it can be found. If we do, we will keep it in the front office for you to pick up later that day, or the following day.

We are happy to announce that we now have a mobile application that makes it easier than ever for you to sign up for classes and camps, use makeups, check your student’s attendance, view skills and more - all on-the-go!

To download the app, click the provided link or go to Google Play (for Android)/App Store (for iOS devices) and search for “The iClassPro App” to download and install it.

After installing, use the organization code: adrenaline to activate the app and associate it with your AGA account.


Log into your parent portal account

On the top menu, Click More -- Family Policies

Yes! Please click on the parent portal instruction guide link below for assistance!